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Kneejerk: Sister Hazel - Willy Porter

by Bill's Music Forum

Willy Porter and Carpe Diem "Live at BoMA"

Take an extraordinary talent like Willy Porter and pair him with the acclaimed Carpe Diem String Quartet and you have a match made in heaven or at least something that rivals the Reese's chocolate peanut butter cup. "Live at BoMA" captures this magical collaboration, featuring seven previously released fan favorites rearranged with the quartet. The beautiful performances from Carpe Diem do not take away from the jaw dropping skills of this extraordinary acoustic guitarist, who plays a 9-string guitar custom designed by him, but synergize and elevate the songs to new heights (you can read our review of  Porter's last effort, "How To Rob A Bank" here). "Live at BoMA" marks his eighth release and is a perfect introduction to Porter's gift, and makes a great addition to any fan's collection.

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